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Dear Members of the St. Peter's Church Community,

I hope you're all doing well and staying healthy. As we continue to come together in worship
and fellowship, I am excited to share with you some heartwarming news about our Flower Fund
at St. Peter's Church.

The Flower Fund has always been an integral part of our church's tradition, allowing us to
adorn our sacred space with the beauty of nature as we gather to celebrate the glory of God. It is
a testament to the love and unity that bind us together as a community. Today, I am thrilled to
inform you of a new opportunity to make the Flower Fund even more meaningful and personal.
We are introducing a special program where individuals can make donations to the Flower
Fund in memory of their loved ones. This initiative allows us to remember and honour those
who have touched our lives and have now found eternal peace. It is a beautiful way to celebrate
their memory while contributing to the continued beauty of our church.
Here's how the program works:
1. Donation in Memory: You can make a donation to the Flower Fund in memory of a loved
one. This donation will help support the purchase of flowers for our church services.
2. Select a Sunday: When you donate, you can choose a particular Sunday on which you
would like your loved one to be remembered. On that chosen Sunday, the altar will be adorned
with flowers in memory of your dear one and their name will be mentioned during the service.
3. Acknowledgement: You will receive a special acknowledgement in the church bulletin on
the designated Sunday, recognizing your contribution and your loved one's memory.
4. Prayerful Remembrance: Our congregation will join together in prayer, remembering and
celebrating the lives of those honoured on their chosen Sunday.

This program not only brings comfort to those who have lost loved ones but also enhances the
spiritual atmosphere of our church with the beauty of fresh flowers. It is a heartfelt way to
connect with our faith community and keep the memory of our dear ones alive.
To participate in this program or for more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with
Donna-Lynn in the Church Office at (902) 443-1969. This initiative will bring our community
closer together as we share in the joy of remembrance and gratitude.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to St. Peter's Church. Your generosity,
both in spirit and contributions, keeps our faith community vibrant and flourishing.
May God bless you abundantly as we embark on this meaningful journey of remembrance and

Warmly in peace and hope