Welcome to St. Peter's

Welcome to the website of St. Peter's Anglican Church, Birch Cove. Here, at St. Peter's, you will find that we are an energetic group of Christians who, as our vision statement states, create a spiritual home by nurturing our growth in faith and exercising our ministry by reaching out to others. We are a community that welcomes others and encourages them to become part of our family and to practice their faith by joining us in worship and participating in one or more of our ministries or by introducing us to new ministries.

Our ministries include several outreach and community support programs and our liturgies are enriched by enthusiastic Lay Ministers and numerous congregation members.

We are located just a few kilometers from the peninsula of Halifax City on the corner of the Bedford Highway and the Kearney Lake Road. Our location offers quiet residential living combined with a mixture of businesses for shopping convenience. Also, close by there are schools, postal services and Mount Saint Vincent University as well as a few historic sites such as Prince's Lodge.

Regulations for In-Person Worship

As we all know COVID-19 has turned our world inside out and upside down. Many things have changed drastically to help stop the spread of the virus. We have been away from in-person worship for over 4 months and now we are taking our first steps toward a return to worshipping together. We will begin slowly with only one service on a Sunday. We may explore going to two services again as we understand how this works. In preparation for this there are some rules and expectations that you need to be aware of so that we can do this as safely as possible. In addition to all public health directives we will need to do things that are particular to our situation.

- It would be preferable if you can form your own group of 4, 5, or 6 people and arrange to arrive together so that you may sit together in a single pew

- Couples and individuals will have to maintain a 2 metre distance from others

- Face coverings, masks, or shields are mandatory as per public health directives

- Arrive by the main door. If there is a line please be patient and wait at a suitable physical distance until the group or person in front of you has moved onward

- Apply hand sanitizer as you enter the building

- Do not hug or shake hands with anyone outside your prearranged group

- Each person will be asked to give their name and phone number for contact tracing. This information will be kept confidentially for 4 weeks maximum at which point it will be destroyed

- If you must use the washroom you are asked to do so via the ramp keeping 2m distance from all others

- You may not move around and talk with people in neighbouring pews. If you do wish to socialize please do so in the parking lot from a safe physical distance

- If you must use the washroom you are asked to do so via the ramp keeping 2m distance from all others

- You are to remain seated for the majority of the service

- During hymns there will be no words on the screen and you are invited to simply hum along

- There will be no processions or personal greetings by the clergy before or after the worship

- There will be an Offering Plate at the back of the church. Please place your gift on this plate as you go to your seat. No cash please. Cheques and signing up for Pre-Authorized Remittance are the safest way to give at this time.

- Communion wafers will be kept safely stored in their plastic wrappers until the offertory when the priest will place them in the ciborium for consecration

- Communion will be distributed at the chancel steps. Follow the directions of the priest

- Apply hand sanitizer before receiving the host

- There will be no common cup at this time

- When the worship is concluded the church will be vacated from the back to the front leaving by pew through either set of doors

Above all we need to be patient with our situation and patient with each other as we learn to worship our God.


Sundays 9am

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St. Peter's is fully wheel-chair accessible.

Mission Statement

"St. Peter's is our spiritual home, where we nurture our growth in faith. By reaching out to others, together we explore new and dynamic opportunities to live Christian lives."
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